Swim Trainers

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  • Break Belt


    The Mad Wave’s BREAK BELT Trainer has been developed to provide extra drag resistance and to improve your strength and stamina. Comes with adjustable resistances.



  • Drag Bag


    Mad Wave’s DRAG BAG Trainer has been developed to provide you with varying resistance levels when training in the pool. The trainer is compatible with all swimming strokes. Available in three different sizes. To use with Mad Wave’s BELT TRAINER.


    polyester 100%, polypropylene

  • Hip Rotator


    Mad Wave’s HIP ROTATOR Trainer has been specially designed to improve your stroke technique by helping to identify the accurate timing of hip, arm, and body movements. Comes with two blades on the sides.


    polypropylene, neoprene

  • Stretch Band


    Mad Wave Stretch Band has been designed to create an additional level of tension or resistance in your warm-up exercises. Can be used in any sport. As Stretch Band is so small and lightweight, it’s extremely portable.
    Each color of the band corresponds to its own value of thickness and resistance:
    yellow is 0,2 mm thich, resistance is minimal;
    green is 0,3 mm thick, resistance is below average;
    red is 0,4 mm thick, resistance is average;
    navy is 0,5 mm thick, resistance is above average;
    violet is 0,6 mm thick, resistance is maximum.


    latex 100%

  • Stroke Trainer


    The Mad Wave’s STROKE TRAINER has been designed to develop an early vertical forearm position (EVF) from the beginning of the stroke to its end improving overall swimming technique.


    polypropylene, tpe